Last Updated 30th August 2021

  • August 2021 — Freedom of Information Request on Community Consultation held on March 22nd, 2021

    Question: “Of the 15 community groups consulted regarding Galashiels campus, please provide the questions and answers given, specifically if all 5 site options were presented equally to the groups”

    Answer: “Please note we don’t have a set of questions and answers as requested. Therefore we give notice under section 17(1) of Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and declare that the information requested is not held. However, we have a note of key points raised by each consultation group we met with. This note is attached with third party personal data under section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.”

    Mentioned comments are shown here

  • July 2021Council defends Gala Academy consultation after process is labelled 'flawed' — Border Telegraph
  • July 2021Save Gala's Scott Park Public Facebook Group Created — Facebook
  • July 2021Galashiels Academy: Updated community campus plans released — Border Telegraph
  • July 2021 — Update from Stuart Gordon on Facebook:

    Those of you who read to the end of the local newspapers will have noted the following dates:

    • Online virtual public exhibition - Thursday 8th July until Thursday 19th August
    • Information boards in the Interchange building - Friday 9th July until Thursday 19th August
    • Online consultation sessions 28th July 6pm-9pm & 4th August 2pm-5pm. For the online session you need to email your interest to to obtain an invite.

    For this part of the consultation, comments need to be in by 19th August to SBC.

    SBC have now posted to their website the following info: PAN consultation

    Unfortunately they still insist on using the following description, which is misleading as the building will be almost entirely within Scott Park: “It focuses on the proposal to build the Community Campus within the existing school boundary and a portion of the town’s Scott Park.”

    Please take part in this consultation and give your views.

    For those who have issues accessing the consultation website, the following is a breakdown of the content on it:

    1. 1. The Vision — YouTube
    2. 2. Our Ambition for the Learning Estate — YouTube
    3. 3. Site Proposal — PDF
    4. 4. Building Concept — PDF
    5. 5. Proposed Site Plan
    6. 6. Frequently Asked Questions
    7. 7. Feedback Form

    SBC also announced this consultation on their website

  • May 2021Galashiels Community Campus - Update Report — Scottish Borders Council
  • May 2021Galashiels Academy: 'Silent majority' support school park plans — BBC Scotland
  • April 2021Galashiels campus consultation closes — Southern Reporter

    It is noted in the article that 1450 people had visited the consultation site. As of 30th April:

    • — The most viewed consultation video showing the proposed campus has 693 views.
    • — The Save Scott Park Petition has 1374 signatures
    • — The Save Scott Park Facebook Group has 1150 members
    • — has received ~2800 visits

    Video View Count

  • April 2021Gala Academy consultation should be longer, says campaigner — Border Telegraph
  • April 2021Gala Academy consultation criticised by Greens co-convenor — Border Telegraph
  • April 2021New Galashiels Academy faces park impact opposition — BBC Scotland
  • April 2021Consultation on Galashiels campus nears end — The Southern Reporter
  • April 2021SBC's “Scott Park Before & After” video — YouTube
  • April 2021Galashiels Academy row continues — The Southern Reporter
  • April 2021Take Action and Sharing pages added to the Scott Park site
  • March 2021 — Scott Park petition reaches 1250 signatures
  • March 2021Plans for proposed new community campus in Scott Park in Galashiels have been altered — The Southern Reporter
  • March 2021 — Galashiels Community Campus consultation launched

  • March 2021 — A Galashiels park is the only location appropriate to build new town community campus, meeting told — The Southern Reporter [article has been deleted]
  • March 2021Galashiels Academy: 'One viable option' for new school site — Border Telegraph
  • March 2021Informal community consultation to be launched on Galashiels Community Campus plans. The consultation will launch during week commencing 15 March — Scottish Borders Council
  • March 2021 — Galashiels Community Council will be holding an online Zoom meeting that you are free to join. Simply follow the link and apply the relevant details to join in.

    Join the Meeting — Wednesday the 3rd of March, 2021 at 6:30 PM

    Meeting ID: 874 6551 7391
    Passcode: 0pnNqx
  • March 2021 — Galaleans place ribbons on Scott Park railings as a show of support for preserving key accessible greenspace for the town

    Aerial view of proposed development

  • February 2021 — Scott Park petition reaches 1000 signatures
  • February 2021 — An aerial view of the footprint that would be created on Scott Park. The sawdust markings starting around the swings indicate the full extent of the proposed development

    Aerial view of proposed development

  • February 2021March's edition of Gala Life features Scott Park (page 23)
  • February 2021Galashiels Academy: Save Scott Park activists mark out site - Border Telegraph
  • February 2021'Scott Park could be lost forever' — Letters to the Editor - Border Telegraph
  • February 2021Gala Academy: Marking out new school 'may not be good idea' - Border Telegraph
  • January 2021Town is still divided over plans for new school campus in park - Southern Reporter
  • January 2021 — Use the following QR code to create a pre-populated email to the council using the text from our flyer

    Scott Park QR Code

  • January 2021 — A flyer has been created to highlight how the Council's preferred option does not match their Local Development Plan literature. The public require accurate information for a proper public consultation

    Scott Park Flyer

  • January 2021Galashiels Academy: Scott Park site 'should be marked out' - Border Telegraph
  • January 2021New Galashiels Academy: 'Save Scott Park' petition fails - Border Telegraph. Note: If you have not already, please sign the petition. It is important for the Council to appreciate the size of local objection before any final decisions are made.
  • January 2021 — Scott Park petition reaches 750 signatures
  • January 2021 — This image shows the footprint the Academy would have on Scott Park under current proposals

    Photo of footprint of new building on Scott Park

  • January 2021Submit your objections to the Council online. Hint: Select "Comment on Sites in Settlements F to H" and then "Galashiels: GSGALA010: Scott Park: Greenspace". You have until the 25th January 2021 to have your voice heard by the Council.

  • January 2021SBC Audit and Scrutiny Committee (minutes of meeting) respond to petitions on saving Scott Park
  • January 2021 — A Save Scott Park Facebook group has been created to further highlight that SBC are not addressing public concerns about the sacrifice of greenspace at Scott Park
  • January 2021Proposed Scottish Borders Local Development Plan and Galashiels — Local Development Plan published by Scottish Borders Council indicate further intention of endangering greenspace beyond Scott Park, including the Gala Policies and Hollybush
  • January 2021School park petition launched - The Southern Reporter
  • December 2020 — Coverage of Scottish Border Council's item on the Galashiels campus

    It is noted that SBC have voted on 17th Dec to recommend building in Scott Park as their preferred Option 3 for the new site of the Galashiels Academy/ campus.

    However, it is also noted and welcomed that they have agreed to have an open public consultation that will include all of the options developed to date on the existing site.

    Our local councillors have said, in no particular order that they would welcome:

    very comprehensive consultation
    look forward to positive community engagement regarding this project
    have been assured that the wording (of the recommendation 2.1b) does not preclude the other options for consideration
    the need for a robust community consultation
    and that the intent of the consultation is to give consideration to all options

    The convener has also embraced this with the following:
    consultation needs to be robust
    during that consultation, let's be clear, all the options that the Council have looked at will be there for the public to see, and all those options and their benefits and dis-benefits can be discussed...

    So, we should now be looking forward to an open consultation on a set of options.

    It is for the people of Galashiels to now promote the options that protect Scott Park rather than building over it.

    Developed response
  • December 2020Scottish Borders Council agenda for the 17th of December will cover the topic of the Galashiels Campus, this meeting can be viewed online by the public and will commence at 10AM. Note the "live link" which will allow you to view the proceedings online
  • December 2020 — Local resident Douglas Taylor speaks on Radio Borders about his concerns for the proposed campus being built in Scott Park

  • December 2020Galashiels Community Council express their concerns regarding the proposed layout of the Academy
  • December 2020Galashiels Academy work in Scott Park 'surprised' councillor - Border Telegraph
  • November 2020 — Short interview clips with the interview for Radio Scotland with Richard Gordon. Many thanks to Radio Scotland for helping to highlight the issue
    BBC Scotland Logo

  • November 2020ITV News highlights local concerns about building on green space

  • November 2020 — is launched to document the council's actions and raise awareness to the threat of Scott Park as a green space.
  • November 2020 — Local media The Border Telegraph and Southern Reporter highlight the current situation
  • October 2020 — Local residents notify the council of their objection to building in Scott Park
  • October 2020 — Local resident Dr Stuart Gordon, a civil engineer, expressed concern and raises awareness about the Council's actions without public consultation. The following initial plan is created by SBC:
    Initial response
  • September 2020 — SBC drill boreholes into Scott Park at the closest point to the Waverley Nursing Home. No public consultation has taken place or indication of a deviation from their previous suggested locations in November 2018
  • November 2018 — Scottish Borders Council publish their review of education facilities in Galashiels and potential locations for a new secondary school.