The Proposed Development

Outline of proposed development of Galashiels Academy

Key: The red-dashed lines show where current Academy buildings are situated. The blue-dashed lines indicate where SBC intended to build the new Academy. The building indicates SBC's current preferred location.

The footprint of the proposed development is approximately 1 hectare, taking out the best section of the wide open space within the park and losing the character of the park. The Option 3 proposal will diminish and badly impact the character of the park and will result in the loss of precious key greenspace as shown here::

Photo of footprint of new building on Scott Park

SBC's Local Development Plan

Below you can find a copy of the Council's local development plan, which includes the plans for Galashiels Academy as well as plans to sacrifice further greenspace in the nearby Gala Policies.

Note that as of January 2021 the council stated the following (page 113):

  The Council is currently investigating the potential for co-location and sharing opportunities across the town’s primary estate. The Council has also agreed to replace the existing high school and plans for this are progressing for a new secondary campus which is expected to be located on the site currently occupied by Galashiels Academy

Public consultation was accepted by the council on this plan up until the 25th of January, 2021.

Thumbnail of SBC Land Development Plan

The Original Galashiels Academy Proposals

The original four sites proposed as potential locations are shown below

2018 Propose Sites

2018 Propose Sites

The current site adjacent to Scott Park as well as Netherdale were identified as suitable locations.

It has only recently came to light that Scottish Borders Council prefer a major adaptation to the preferred site that will consume approximately 1 hectare of the park. Current literature in the Local Development Plan available to the public does not reflect the Council's intention of building on Scott Park.

5 options examined in Existing Galashiels Academy Grounds and Scott Park

Option 1

Galashiels Academy - Option 1

Option 2

Galashiels Academy - Option 2

Option 3 — The Council's "Preferred" and "Only Viable" Option

Galashiels Academy - Option 3

Option 4

Galashiels Academy - Option 4

Option 5

Galashiels Academy - Option 5

The images above were correct as per the information on the Council's informal public consultation website on 25th March, 2021.

The Informal Public Consultation

Due to COVID, SBC are hosting informal consultation online. Note: the site is slow to load and incompatible with some browsers and operating systems. The following lists the content available on that website:

You can email the Council directly at According to the Council's website, you can optionally provide your name, email address and phone number to give more weight to your feedback.

In discussions with the SBC design team it has become apparent that the campus will be not be fenced off from Scott Park. This has two fundamental problems; firstly one of security for the school element of the campus – because at the heart of this campus is a school, let’s not forget that - it is a school with a campus element and secondly and very importantly – this is simply a Land Grab! This is Scott Park, a park gifted to the people of Galashiels! It’s not up for grabs!

The Save Scott Park group are looking to formalise into a recognised group and are pursuing various avenues to try to stop this Land Grab and unnecessary loss of key greenspace.